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MulasThe Base Camp Plaza de Mulas is the most visited in Aconcagua Provincial Park , from here the majority of the expeditions attempt to reach the summit of ACONCAGUA . This is the beginning of the Normal or North Route, the most popular route, and it also allows the access to the base of the Polish Glacier making a journey  from Nido de Condores (5,400m/17,800ft) or from Berlin (5,800m/19,100ft). This second option is the quickest and most convenient for the return along the Normal Route .

Plaza de Mulas, located at the foot of West slope on the morena to the bottom of the Valley of the Horcones river superior, turns into a small colorful and cosmopolitan village that lodges mountaineers from all over the world, congragrated to initiate their ascent. At 4,250m (14,000ft) it is as high as the mules can climb, and therefore, from here on it is necessary to start carrying the gear in backpacks to move up the mountain.

ComedorThe base camps, being the last places where the mules can arrive, are equipped with tents exclusively for clients with electric lighting, tables and chairs, radio which communicate with other camps and offices from where we can make reservations that you could  need or order mules for the trip back down to Puente del Inca.

The Plaza Argentina Base Camp, located at the bottom of the Valley of the river Relinchos, this place is the base for starting to climb up the Polish Glacier or False Polish Glacier Routes. In addition, there is the option of climbing up the Normal Route by first traversing to Camp Independencia at 6,300m (20,800ft).


  • Private dining tents with tables and chairs.
  • Toilet tent exclusively for clients of Mallku.
  • Dining service means, meals served at your table and completed cutlery (breakfast, lunch, packed lunches and dinner).
  • Equipment storage while you are trying the summit.
  • Radio communication between the different camps, the office in Mendoza and Puente del Inca.
  • These services are offered at Plaza de Mulas, Plaza Argentina and Camp Confluencia.
  • Some of the many advantages to hiring these services are: avoiding to go shopping in Mendoza, saving on the cost of mule service to transport your loads to Base Camp and most importantly the comfort you enjoy during periods of bad weather when you are stuck in Base Camp waiting for the chance to move up to the higher camps. And of course, the joy of not having to cook or wash dishes. The kitchen at the camps are stocked on a regular bases so you are assured fresh foods throughout the group's stay. We offer meat, fruits, vegetables, fresh bread and much more.

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