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This route on aconcagua consists of a well-trodden path with no important technical difficulties. Over the years climbers have paved a narrow trail that winds its way up the mountain to independencia ( 6,300 m / 20,800 ft ). From here the climb becomes somewhat more difficult, more than anything because of the altitude. As we continue the ascent we come to some small snow fields that we must cross. These do not present any important dangers, although, due to their high elevation and the slope below, they can be risky to cross especially on the way down when the climbers are tired. The last section of the ascent, the canaleta, faces us with the challenge of a steep scree field to be climbed, but with the summit in view up ahead.

The real dangers of this route are concealed under the guise of low temperatures and fast moving, sudden storms that come from the pacific ocean. Such storms can often cause a climber to lose the way on the descent. Nonetheless, the majority of accidents occur as a result of insufficient aclimatization which often results in acute mountain sickness. Many climbers, unaware of the symptoms of ams, continue their climb and thus complicating even more the situation which can lead to high altitude pulmanery edema or even cerebral edema and the need to be evacuated off the mountain.



The approach to this route is made by way of the vacas river valley, different from the normal route which goes up the horcones river valley. The trip takes three days following a straigh forward trail that makes its way up wide valleys with views of herds of guanacos typical of the andes. The destination is plaza argentina , base camp for this and the polish glacier routes.

From plaza argentina the route zigzags up to the base of the polish glacier and then climbs to independencia where it conects with the normal route the rest of the way to the peak.

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