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Private Expeditions

You can organize your own expedition our services without necessarily going

with people you do not know, you can just go to the mountain with his expeditionpartners. You fleccibilidad to hire only the services you need.


The expeditions are organized in the following manner:

During the approach to base camp each climber is responsible for carrying a small day pack with all the water they will drink,small food lunches and warm clothes. When the team begins the ascent above base camp each climber will be responsible for portering food for approximately 6 days and their personal equipment to the higher camps: in total around 15 kg ( 33 lbs .).

Our expeditions provide porters only for the transport of tents to be used above base camp.



Coordinator services:

  • This person is in charge of picking up clients from the airport to Mendoza City and assisting to the expedition group in the transportation from Puente del Inca or Penitentes and coordinating all the services.

Assist clients for obtaining Park Aconcagua permit:

  • Before leaving to Penitentes, the coordinator  will go with the group to the Aconcagua Park Office for obtaining the permit of the entrance of the park.


From Airport to Mendoza city / Hotel .

From Mendoza Hotel to Park office for obtaining  the permit.

From Penitentes to Horcones / entrance of the Aconcagua Park 



From Horcones to Mendoza Mendoza city /Return

From Mendoza Hotel to Airport / Expedition Finished


Hotel in Mendoza

  • Two (2) nights in Mendoza City / Breakfast is included. (Hotel 3***)
  • A base with double rooms. 

Hotel in Penitentes:

  • One (1) night in Penitentes / breakfast is included. (Hotel Ayelen)
  • A base with double rooms.

Transportation with Mules:

  • Transport of  equipment from Puente del Inca - Confluencia / 30 kg per person / Ascent.
  • Transport of equipment from Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas  / 30 kg per person / Ascent.
  • Transport of equipment from Plaza de Mulas – Puente de Inca / 30 kg per person / Descent. 

Confluencia Camp:

  • Two (2) days of complete pension.
  • Box Lunches for  Confluencia, Plaza Francia and Plaza de Mulas Trekking.

Plaza de Mulas Camp:

  • All the expedition foods  -Complete pension.
  • You can take services such as hot water, bathroom, shower, etc.

Trekking Guide:

  • A Trekking Guide who is allowed for working in Aconcagua Park, among other mountains.
  • His service is offered  from Mendoza and along the hole journey until return to Mendoza City.  
  • Mountain Guides are provided with radio equipment in order to communicate with Base Camps, Park Rangers, Rescue Team, and Doctor Team from Aconcagua Park.
  • We have special care that the relationship between guides and clients, do not exceed  three clients a mountain guide or assistants, this is to guarantee the well-being of the group.   
  • The Mountain Guide or Assistant Guide are also in charge of preparing meals in the height camps for the expedition group.  

Bedrooms Tents:

  • North face Tents or similar characteristics for Base Camps and Height Camps.


  • We include porters for high altitude in order to ascent and descent tents, stoves and fuel.
  • Lunch Boxes and Meals for High Altitude
  • We include in the program all meals and lunch boxes for high altitude camp and trekking for the hole expedition group.

Stoves and Fuel

  • Normally in Aconcagua, we use stoves with bencine such as: MSR which guarantee a good working.
  • We also include fuel for the hole expedition.

  • All material for being used the hole expedition for the security of the group. (Example: Ropes, First aid kit, Radios, etc.)



Cost of the Ascent Permit:

  • This is a personal procedure, although we offer a coordinator who will assist people for obtaining the permit. 

Personal porters:

  • Porters ascent or descent equipment from Plaza de Mulas to the different height camps (20 kg maximun). They can be requested  and being in contract in the base camps.

 Personal Costs:

  • Tips, phone, doctors, extra days in hotels or transport, etc.

Evacuation and Doctor Costs:

  • These costs are not included for being eventualities. 
  • These services will be coordinated and guaranteed by Mallku Expeditions.

Personal Equipment:

  • This equipment can be rented or buyed in specialist Shops in Mendoza City.

Meals in the City or Hotel:

  • In Mendoza City / Penitentes or any place of  Mendoza.

Costs if you abandon the program:

  • Any cost which is come from giving up the program, it will be responsibility of the participants of the expedition.


  • Any other service  which is not specified in Included services

***The services not incluided in the cost of the program , can be requested them for the participants before or during the expedition, such as: porters, riding horses ( saddle flap) in this case  Mallku Expeditions will coordinate these services, it depends on the availability of these services. ***




Reception in the city of Mendoza


Purchase of climbing permits and travel to Penitentes.

DAY 3 TO 5

Trek to Plaza de Mulas and visiting the amazing South Wall.

DAY 6 TO 8

Rest and carry equipment from Plaza de Mulas to height camps and acclimate

DAY 9 TO 16

Ascent from Plaza de Mulas to the summit and return, and extra days

DAY 17

Descent hike from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones and Travel from Horcones to the Mendoza city 

DAY 18

End of the expedition and departure from Mendoza.



DAY 1                   

Reception in the Mendoza                                                                      
DAY 2                    Purchase of climbing permits and travel to Penitentes 
DAY 3 T0 5            Trek passing thorgh Pampa de Leñas, Casa de Piedra and Plaza Argentina 
DAY 6 TO 8           

Rest and carry equipment from base camp to height camps and acclimate

DAY 9 TO 16          Ascentfrom Plaza Argentina to summit, retorn and rest in Plaza de Mulas 
DAY 17                  Descent hike from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones and travel to Mendoza city
DAY 18                  End the expedition and departure from Mendoza city.



Reception in the city of Mendoza


Purchase of climbing permits and travel to Penitentes.

DAY 3 TO 5

Trek passing through Pampa de Leñas and Casa de Piedra to Plaza Argentina.

DAY 6 TO 8

Rest and carry equipment from Plaza  Argentina to height camps and acclimate.

DAY 9 TO 15

Ascent from Plaza Argentina to the summit, return and rest. Extra days.

DAY 16 TO 17

Descent hike from Plaza Argentina to Punta de Vacas, and travel from Punta de Vacas to the Mendoza city.

DAY 18

End of the expedition and departure from Mendoza.


** On the False Glacier expeditions the intermediate camps during the trek to base camp (Pampa de Leñas and Casa de Piedra) are not equipped with structural tents, the service offered at these camps is 'camping' style.



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